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About Us

 Pilates+Barre is a boutique studio offering Pilates mat,  Booty Barré and  Reformer sessions. We aim to provide an environment where we keep our classes small and intimate. This allows us as instructors to be able to teach more effectively ensuring better movement technique and therefore clients can get the results they are working towards.
We offer Pilates for therapeutic movement and functional fitness. We cater for clients that have been released from medical care and physical therapy to help continue their rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. The Pilates technique is versatile and can be adapted to accommodate several types of activities and conditions whether it be training for a triathlon or rehabilitating a spinal injury. 
If you are just after a good workout for fun and fitness, join a class. A FIT CARD is a fun and economical way to get in your workout.

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My name is Noeline Boet. My Pilates experience has been a long and evolving one. I discovered the benefit of the Pilates technique 20 years ago while practicing physiotherapy. Pilates is invaluable in conjunction with other physiotherapy modalities in managing acute and chronic spinal and musculoskeletal pathologies. After a few years of being a stay at home mum and having my own problems with chronic spinal injury (which I managed well with Pilates), I decided to do a comprehensive Pilates course. I became Polestar Pilates Studio certified
in 2010.
My physiotherapy background provides me with the skills to design pilates programs for clients that have been released from medical care and physical therapy to help their rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.
It is my passion to help people feel better in their bodies through the application of Pilates for therapeutic movement or functional fitness. 
I discovered Booty Barre while on a trip to California and became completely hooked by this total body workout. It is fun and adds a cardiovascular component to your Pilates workout. I subsequently became Booty barré certified 2015.

Noeline Boet
BSc(Physiotherapy) UWC SA 1989
NZ registered Physiotherapist
Polestar Pilates Studio Comprehensive 
Christchurch, NZ 2010
Booty Barre Inc California USA 2015 

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